Atlas’ Words

Atlas is quite the talker.  Shortly after turning one, he started saying those typical baby words, “dada” and “mama”.  Well, “mama” sounds more like “nana”, but we know what he means!

Since then, he’s added on a few others.  The third word he’s picked up is “deer”.  No doubt he’s been inspired by the frequent visitors to our backyard.

Just today, he’s increased his vocabulary to four!  He’s started saying “delf”, which we’re pretty sure means “elf”.  Atlas has clearly been inspired by this cheeky little fellow!


Ender called our elf “Elp” the year he turned two.  So it’s extra cute that Altas’ interpretation of the word is “Delf”.

I’m thinking that now that Atlas has a few words down, he’ll begin adding more rapidly.  So exciting!