A Sweater

I’ve attempted sweaters in the past.  The first sweater had really tight cuffs, so I really didn’t have Ender wear it very often.  The second sweater never was finished – I finished adding one arm and not the other!

So, I’ve finally finished a sweater that I’m actually happy with!  I used Tin Can Knits free pattern, “Flax”.  It can be found here:  http://tincanknits.com/pattern-SC-flax.html

I didn’t add the garter panel as is suggested in the pattern.  I did my first sweater (with the ant-sized cuffs) with the garter panels, and while it looked nice, I thought it would be too much with the stripes I was adding for this sweater.

I knit the sweater in the 4-6 year old size as Ender is now wearing a size 4 clothing.  It is a little big on him, especially the arms!

Ender knew the sweater was his, and was pleasantly excited to see me work on it.  He kept asking if it was almost done yet.  He was SO happy when it was finally finished!

I finished the sweater on Friday night.  Ender didn’t want to wear it for long, but said he was “saving it”.  On Saturday, he happily wore it in the morning.  Later in the afternoon, he didn’t want to wear it.  So I’m thinking it must be really warm.

Overall, I’m really happy.  More importantly, I think Ender is really happy and I think he will gladly wear this sweater.  Hopefully it makes him feel special and loved to have something made just for him.